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Hello Sir/Ma’am, 

I would like to tell you about my simple business idea. A Global E-commerce Marketplace. Its selling points are lowered advertising fee for the resellers and the brands alike.

It also promises better rates to the registered customers. 

In this business, we generate revenue from resellers, ad-networks say Microsoft Yahoo-Bing Network and Google AdSense (to name a few), affiliate-marketing from already well-established e-commerce marketplaces over the internet and Yearly premium subscriptions from our registered members around the globe. 

No Matter the investments from our side, we will still require your help as well. It is around $507 USD of financial help in the year 2019 where we estimate to sell around 13k products worldwide with a minimum product cost of $15 USD from you. 

Below are the details of the Business idea. I hope it brings clarity as you begin to read below. 

White Sage Kart is a global e-commerce marketplace. The Best point for resellers and reputed brands is “Lowered Advertising fee”. Advertising fee is less as compared to the already existing e-commerce marketplaces over the Globe. 

White Sage kart also considers its registered members. Since the Advertising fee is less for the resellers, resellers are okay to lower their end-product Selling Prices. This indirectly benefits our registered customers White Sage kart also handles grievances/complaints in offline/telephonic mode.

Since we are living in 21st century where everyone likes ‘taps’ instead of ‘clicks’, we are having our .apk and Apple store apps as well. This in turn, allows our subscribers to use mobiles more than the parent website. Driving mobile traffic is the key here. Our Applications come in two modes. Basic mode is where the price of the commodity is just equal to the price shown over the website. Premium membership allows our customers to experience a better marketplace with a sentinel fee of $10/year. There are monthly plans of $1/month as well. So taking premium yearly membership is a way to go to save $2 every year from the customer point of you. 

White Sage Kart is now having .com domain. Buying a .com domain implies doing business at the global level. We currently target the South-East Asia region and It eventually would expand to the US, UK and Canada regions in the months/years to come. 

White Sage Kart is generating revenue with it’s products (Website, Android Apps and other products) in the following 4 ways. 

-Advertising fee from the resellers. 
-Affiliate Marketing from other e-commerce marketplaces.   -Ads from popular ad networks – Facebook, Microsoft and Google Adsense (say) 
-Premium memberships. 

We also take care the privacy of our customers in concern. Since we are storing details of our customers i.e Name, Mobile Number, Email ID and postal address etc. All of our registered customers are made aware of our privacy policy. We are also using Cookies. And our registered/unregistered visitors must know about that as well. 

If we can use our own funds, we will still find a need of more investors. Atleast 26% of 13000 products where the minimum cost of each product can be assumed as $15 USD. 

This equals to $507k USD. 

Warm Regards 
Amninder Singh 
White Enterprises

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